About Us

AJZ Productions is a not for profit innovative arts organisation established in 2012 and is led by award winning theatre maker Alirio Zavarce and produced by Juliette Zavarce. AJZ Productions ethos is to provide quality art experiences for the broader community.  It engages with artists and creatives from a variety of performance genres to produce and present theatre experiences and events that step outside the norm. AJZ Productions has a focus on creating quality, innovative original new work.

Throughout the past three years AJZ Productions has established strong arts and non-arts partnerships and has produced many successful projects and tour ready work.    It  has produced multiple award winning shows which include – ‘‘The Book of Loco’, ‘The Migration Project’,  ‘Bureau of Complaints’, ‘Humphrey, Honey and Imagination’ and ‘The Chapel of Love’.  

AJZ has a strong working relationship with Channel 9 and together they have produced the ‘Live from 9’ venue for the past three Fringe Festivals and has a extremely strong program for the 2017 festival. 

AJZ Productions has undertaken several community based projects engaging participants from a variety of backgrounds.  This includes ‘The Migration Project’ which partnered with both William Light and Woodville High School and explored the stories of Migration from various cultural perspectives.    AJZ Productions engaged with inmates from the Mobilong Prison and produces several short films about life in Mobilong facilitating rehabilitation through the creation of art. 

AJZ Productions founded one of the most successful youth theatre ensembles in the northern part of Adelaide namely True North Youth Theatre Ensemble.   True North Youth Theatre Ensemble has three groups engaging over 50 families in weekly classes and professional productions. True North Youth Theatre Ensemble recently represented Australia at the World Festival of Children’s Theatre in Stratford Canada 2016. 


Alirio Zavarce

Actor | Artistic Director | Writer | Musician

Alirio is a multi-award-winning director and theatre maker who has created numerous projects with companies across Australial.

Alirio was born in Caracas, Venezuela and migrated to Australia in 1992. In 2000 Alirio graduated from the Flinders University Drama Centre. Over the last 17 years

Alirio has numerous performance credits with many theatre companies across including  STCSA, Sydney Theatre Company and The Malthouse.  For Windmill Alirio has performed the roles of The Wizard in The Wizard of Oz, The Cat in Boom Bah! Geppetto  in Pinocchio and  And the Rat in Rumplestiltskin.

Alirio is the Artistic Director of ‘AJZ Productions’, ‘True North Youth Theatre Ensemble’ and ‘No Strings Attached Theatre of Disability’

Alirio is a founding member of the Border Project and has performed and co-created in all of its productions.

For No Strings Attached Theatre of Disability Alirio has directed, written and performed:  ‘Trapped’ - Winner of the 2011 Fringe Graham Smith Peace Trust Award and ‘Sons & Mothers’ – Winner of the 2012 Fringe Best Theatre Production, Adelaide Festival Centre inSPACE development Award and The Adelaide Critics Circle Best in Fringe Award.  In 2013 Alirio wrote and performed “The Book of Loco”– Winner of the 2013 Fringe Best Theatre Production, Adelaide Festival Centre inSPACE Development Award and wrote & directed ‘The Migration Project’ which was presented as part of Come Out Festival 2013.

In 2014, 2015  Alirio produced and directed "Live From Channel 9 Studios" the interdisciplinary venue at the Adelaide Fringe.   Where he created and performed "The Chapel of Love", “The Bureau of Complaints” and directed the debut performance of True North Youth Theatre Ensemble "A Sense of Home" which won the Peace Foundation Award 2014. He performed the role of Geppetto in Windmill’s “Pinocchio” at the Opera House and reprised the role at The New Victory Theatre in New York in March 2015. Alirio Directed ‘A Kid Like Me’ which was presented as part of the Come Out Festival for Children in May 2015 and  represented Australia in the Worlds Festival for Children’s Theatre in Canada 2016 and from Directing "The Lie You Have Been Sold" with Conspire Theatre in Austin, Texas. Alirio is currently developing "EBully" and "The Tower of Babel"

Juliette Zavarce

Producer | Company Manager

Juliette’s background is in business and event management. She has a successful career in the business and sales arena. She has earned 4 national sales awards throughout her career. She successfully ran her own event management business namely JFEM from 2006 – 2008.  Juliette’s ethos is to continue to create partnerships between Arts and non-Arts organisations.  She formed AJZ Productions and True North Youth Ensemble in collaboration with Alirio Zavarce in 2013 and acts as Producer and Company Manager.   In 2013 she produced the highly successful The Migration Project. This project involved 2 schools, had 5 presenting partners, over 7 sponsors and toured to 2 venues. In the 2014 Adelaide Fringe Festival Juliette produced Live From 9 at the Channel 9 studios where 16 acts were presented over 5 weeks and ran the highly successful Courtyard bar'.  In addition she produced 'A Sense of Home' with True North Youth Theatre Ensemble and won the Graham Smith Peace Trust Award.   In the same festival she also produced Humphrey Honey and Imagination and Race Around the Block. In 2015 she produced 'A kid like me' for the Come Out Festival and "Imagination" with Anglicare SA scholarship program presented at the Shedley Theatre.  During the fringe festival 2015 she produced Live from 9 again at the Chanel 9 studios and the acclaimed interactive show 'Bureau of complaints' and produced a program of 27 acts over the five week festival.  In 2016 Juliette produced 'Girl's Vs Boy's
- a story of respect' plus a second season of 'A Kid Like Me' at the parks theatres.  'A Kid Like show was selected to represent Australia at the World Festival of Children's Theatre she coordinated fundraising  65k to take 16 young people to Statford Canada to perform on the international stage in June 2016. Juliette produced Live from Tandanya which run two venues, 16 acts and a gallery bar for the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2016 and produced 'What makes You, You!' As part of the Anglicare SA Scholarship program.  In 2017 Juliette will again produce Live from Tandanya teaming with channel 9 once again with its biggest program yet with 32 acts over 5 weeks and continue the development of AJZ Productions newest production 'The Tower of Babel'.   She is also currently producing 'EBully' to be presented as part of The Dream Big festival in June 2017.

Alirio and Juliette Zavarce

Alirio and Juliette Zavarce from True North Youth Theatre Ensemble winning the Graham Smith Peace Trust Award in 2014.