The Bureau of Complaints

The Bureau of Complaints

People of Adelaide: Does something get under your skin? Do you think no one listens? The Bureau of Complaints is here! This is a hilarious mix of theatre, talk show and confession booth. A vox box video booth would be set up somewhere in the town in which people can get in and complain about anything they want. At times it would be maned with the Officers of the Bureau but it works equally well as a stand alone festival piece.   The officers of the Bureau will also do field research investigating complaints of the citizens, collecting local footage and then respond to the voice of the citizens all of which will be integrated into the show.    The show itself is 60 minutes long with Alirio working his magic with his co agent Matt Crook in a hilarious manner deconstructing and analyzing the complaint, the complainer and what makes an honest, effective and constructive complaint.

Alirio Zavarce – Director/Actor
Matt Crook – Actor/Film Maker
Aaron Herczeg – Operator
Juliette Zavarce – Producer


Adelaide Fringe 2015 Reviews

It's what The Clothesline describes as:
"Short, sharp and shiny"
"A funny, clever look at what kinds of people it takes to participate in the race we call human kind."
"If you like to complain, or if you like to listen to other people complain or if you just like to see how silly people can be with their complaints, then this is the show for you."

It's what RIP IT UP describes as:
"a well put together exploration of complaining as an intrinsic part of human nature..."
"This theatrical, social experiment will make you think with its complex mix of light hearted humour and thought provoking, talk show styled discussions.
...This show will make you rethink which first world problems you choose to complain about."

Its what BBW describes as:
“Put this performance on your list if you need a really good laugh "