Tower of Babel

Tower of Babel

The project uses the biblical myth of the Tower of Babel as a springboard for a series of creative developments.   

The Tower of Babel is a laboratory styled experiment that melds live aural composition, music, digital media, physical performance and text to examine the nature of our human need for unity in the face of so much that tears us apart.

BABEL was originally conceived by Alirio Zavarce who is the Director and creative leader of this project. He used the story of the Tower of Babel as a springboard to begin to examine the idea of a human race punished by God and scattered across the earth, cursed to speak in different languages but perhaps also cursed to look for that original point of unity.

The cast was made up by four actors/ artists - Alirio Zavarce, Alexis West, Matt Crook and Rosalba Clemente.

Alirio has been living in Australia for twenty two years and originally emigrated from Venezuela to study acting at Flinders University Drama Centre. Alexis is an indigenous actor and artist.   Matt Crook is an actor, also trained at the Flinders University Drama Centre and is a fourth generation of mixed English, Irish, German descent. Rosalba is an Italo-Australian actress, director and playwright trained at NIDA.

The racial, cultural, economic and political backgrounds and life experiences of these four actors, as well as their family of origin histories are integral to the evolution of material for this new work. The artists have attempted to penetrate the current contemporary climate of Australian society around the themes of race and difference but to also bring very personal perspectives of their own to the making of this work. It was a significant choice to have the actors span three generational perspectives on the themes of this work.

Diversity is an immensely challenging issue and demands to be dealt with both politically and culturally. It is a notion that has traveled beyond state sanitized definitions of multi-culturalism of the seventies and eighties. It is as pressing a political issue as climate change and in fact is inextricably married to the degradation of our human planet Earth.   It cries out for political action but also spiritual transformation.   

We seek an authentic exploration of our diversity. Difference is the pulse of our country and difference without expression diminishes our lives, society, artistic expression and culture immeasurably.

The Tower of Babel will be presented in 2018, stay tuned for more updates about this exciting new project.